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    So, do you suppose Ron Jeremy and Pudding Pops will end up cellies?

    Like that post was...
    Moving on, my posts are not helpful

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    Quote Originally Posted by WZ7U View Post
    So, do you suppose Ron Jeremy and Pudding Pops will end up cellies?
    So do you suppose you brought back this thread because of the word "sticky"?

    "Where would we be without the agitators of the world to attach the electrodes
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    Mostly icky. I met Ron in our younger days when I was a parking lot exit tolls cashier at Newark (NJ) International airport. I met many celebrities that way. He was living in Philadelphia at the time, why he didn't fly out of there I have no idea, but seeing him up close and personal I wonder how such a little round person resembling Bib the Michelin Man only much shorter could be a porn star. Now he's a balding wrinkle bag in La La Land, and he had a manager??? Then there's the Pudding Pops man, does he really talk like that?
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