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Thread: Q & A Amateur Radio Links [N Through Z]

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    Q & A Amateur Radio Links [N Through Z]

    Amateur Radio Links [N Through Z]

    Nikola Tesla at PBS. ORG (Inventor of Radio)
    Public Broadcasting Systems page on Nikola Tesla

    PSK 31 "Official" Hompage
    Informative Website on the PSK31 operating mode.

    PSK 31 Information Page by K1VY
    What is PSK31 you may ask? It's simple, and yet it's not. Translated literally, it's an acronym for "Phase Shift Keying, 31 Baud". PSK31 is a form of modulation (or "mode") that offers a new and higher level of performance in conversational communications (keyboard-to-keyboard) that we "hams" (amateur radio operators) can enjoy.

    Popular Communications
    The #1 magazine in the field of general hobby radio, Popular Communications covers short-wave listening ("world-band radio"), broadcast-band DXing (listening for faraway AM, FM & TV broadcast stations), scanning public service and other VHF/UHF frequencies, amateur radio, citizens band (CB), emergency communications, satellites, monitoring clandestine and pirate stations, and more. Popular Communications has been published since 1982.

    QRP Amateur Radio Club International
    Your source for QRP information and news.

    QRP Amateur Radio Web Ring
    Multiple sources of information on QRP Operation and Equipment

    QRP Canada
    Dedicated to the hobby of QRP - Amateur Radio communications with very low power. (Canadian Site)

    The QRP Fox Hunt is a series of two-hour amateur radio events during which QRP stations ("Hounds") attempt to work specific QRP stations designated as "The Fox." The Tuna Tin Two Gallery!
    Home of the Tuna Tin Two Photo Gallery (legendary QRP kit)

    Amateur Radio Resource Website

    Quarter Century Wireless Association
    The Quarter Century Wireless Association was organized to Promote friendship and cooperation among Amateur Radio operators who were licensed at least a quarter century ago. More than 30,000 membership numbers have been assigned over the years by Headquarters. Although the majority of these amateurs live in the United States, our membership stretches world wide.

    Radio Amateur Online
    Links to International Amateur Radio Websites

    SARA - Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers
    The Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA) is an international society of dedicated enthusiasts who teach, learn, trade technical information, and do their own observations of the radio sky. This organization is a scientific, non-profit group founded for the sole purpose of supporting amateur radio astronomy. SARA was organized in 1981, and today has hundreds of members worldwide. The group consists of optical astronomers, ham radio operators, engineers, teachers and non-technical persons. Many of our members are new to the field, and membership is extended to all who have an interest in radio astronomy.

    SETI League
    The Scientific organization dedicated to finding Extraterrestrial Life

    Space Radio
    Tuning in the cosmos...

    Telegraph Instruments of Europe
    Here you will find a collection of images of some of the instruments in the fantastic collection of Fons Vanden Berghen. Fons is a collector of 19th century telegraph instruments. As you will see, these are rare and beautiful instruments. ... useum.html

    Tesla Memorial Society of New York - Inventor of Radio
    The Tesla Memorial Society of New York

    ARRL: The ARRL National Convention
    The ARRL National Convention Visit the ARRL Expo area for exhibits, demonstrations, videos and lectures

    The American Radio Relay League
    An Excellent source of information for Hams and prospective Hams

    The Dreaded Morse Code
    The book on Morse Code and why it's a necessary mode.

    The Earth as seen from space
    Earth Views

    The Geratol Net
    The purpose of the GERATOL NET is to assist properly licensed amateur radio operators in obtaining the GERATOL Net 75-Meter, 2-Letter Extra Class serialized UNBELIEVABLE OPERATING ACHIEVEMENT Award. The award, also known as the Geratol Basic Award, is issued by the GERATOL Net for working and having confirmed, all 50 states within the EXTRA class segment (3.750-3.775 MHz.) of the American 75 meter phone band with 1X2, 2X1, 2X2A calls and 2X2 (AH6, KH6, WH6 in HI) and (AL7, KL7, WL7 in AK) extra class format call signs.

    The Telegraphers Web Page
    Research Resources for the History of Telegraphy And the Work of Women in the Telegraph Industry

    Unusual Aurora QSOs in 144 MHz
    The so-called unusual Aurora QSOs do not follow the 'geometrical rules' in field-aligned backscatter resulting in long-distance QSOs which shouldn't exist at all. ... sualAurora

    W9PPG Site which asks: Why Learn and Use CW?
    What in the world can I say about operating CW? These were my thoughts upon learning that I was supposed to write a column about CW operation for this newsletter. It occurred to me perhaps putting down my thoughts as to why I choose to operate the ham bands using this obsolete method might be interesting.

    Zerobeat on Communications is devoted to radio communications. We are interested in publishing technical material and historical items that pertain to radio communications.

    The N6QAB Radio Direction Finding Web Site
    Foxhunting - finding that elusive transmitter.
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    Re: Q & A Amateur Radio Links [N Through Z]

    Good info John, Tnx

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    Re: Q & A Amateur Radio Links [N Through Z]

    Quote Originally Posted by w2amr
    Good info John, Tnx
    And it only took George a little over a month to find it. :rofl:

    The Devil made me say it. :twisted:

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    Re: Q & A Amateur Radio Links [N Through Z]

    Quote Originally Posted by N4VGB
    Quote Originally Posted by w2amr
    Good info John, Tnx
    And it only took George a little over a month to find it. :rofl:

    The Devil made me say it. :twisted:
    You're like a piece of gum stuck to my shoe.

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