So, I've known WO3Z (from both my club, WASH, and the WACOM club south of us) for many a year. And I've known KA3KSP just as long. Never made the connection that they were related.

But I spotted KB3VSP at WASHFest while walking around with the camera, and made a little joke of sympathy that he was related to Jim... and then I found out all three were brothers!
Just couldn't pass the picture up!

Incidentally, Jim's son, who wasn't present, is KC3FCS. I met HIM when we had to take our Subaru in for service at the dealer, where he works as one of the Service Managers. He asked me about the DXE sticker on the back of the car. As a result, he saved me a lot of shekels on the repair! (So, hey, you never know!)