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Thread: Barbara Eden is 92

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    Barbara Eden is 92

    Barbara Eden just turned 92 last Wednesday and she still looks amazing! She is still working and does resistance training and walking while keeping a great, youthful attitude. I believes she knows something: 1) the mind is everything and 2) gratitude.

    As a very young child I watched reruns of I Dream of Jeannie, often after school. As a young man I often would notice any young woman that shared a resemblance to Barbara Eden. I just saw a blurb about her turning 92 and I read it and decided to share it because what is more than what I just said in this paragraph is what I said in the first paragraph, last sentence.

    She should make it to 150.

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    Time for the good news eh?
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    What young man didn't lust after Genie back in the day. Now that I'm older, and after seeing her at 92, the lust is still there.

    What a beautiful human being.
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    It helps to have the money to afford cosmetic surgery…
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    perhaps, but there still had to be something to work on, and most 92 year olds don't have it.
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    Just announced! Barbara Eden will be making an appearance at Steel City Con in April.

    (no, I have no plans to attend )
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