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Thread: Linking between 2 trunked systems!

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    Linking between 2 trunked systems!

    I am faced with a little homebrew challenge. The need to link 2 different trunked systems together at my shack for inter county operation. lol

    Now, sure, we could cut trough red tape and configure a 4 wire patch link between the systems, but with money and politics and other bullshit, us radio guys decided it was easiest to just hook up 2 mobiles and be done with it. But I know that will be annoying, when once one system keys up and opens it's talk group, you now have to wait for the other system to do the same. So it would be a bit of a training thing to tell the cops, hey - wait a couple seconds before you talk on this talk-group.

    But I wonder if there was a way to speed that up? Anyone ever attempted this? Sure I know trunked systems aren't too common in the ham world, but still.

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    Look up the outfit which bought New Communications Solutions (NCS) from Doug McDowell (a fellow ham). Last time I was on their site, they sold an interface system which does exactly what you're attempting.
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