I have a multi-tapped loading coil for 136kHz which is suspended inside an old aluminium beer keg. The setup sits on a shed roof adjacent to the shack and requires a ladder to reach.
It's used the same tapping for years but now, after replacing the antenna cable and feeder, I need to adjust the tapping and it's not easy, originally it was set up in the shack and transferred to the roof with 2 flying leads, both highly insulated.
I have a heavy-duty 6-way rotary switch which I will fix inside a weatherproof plastic box attached to the beer keg so as to adjust it "in-situ" but it's a shorting switch.

The actual question is: Should I use it as a shorting switch or just a straight selector? I can dismantle and modify it if necessary.
The unused windings weren't shorted before and it worked well but many designs of HF antenna matching units do short out unwanted turns.
In the case of 137 kHz there have been a few fires outside which is why the inductor is inside the keg but will the short-circuit dampen the "Q"?