Renting an house from an social renting firm, the house is now renovated while living in it...
New shower room, new central heating, new toilet room new kitchen, removal of chimney's i used to keep antenna's up tripple AA++ rated glazing and new insulated roof, wall insulation improved.
So now sitting between stuff i had to place somewhere else, took antenna's down last week, outside temporarely toilet and shower.
Will be 3 wweeks to go before work is done, i keep shifting stuff from one room to another to clear space to work in the room, neew ceilings above in bedrooms ( 4) and shower ( old asbestos removed) new mechanical ventilation system installed.
Central heating running now, so that is good, all in all it was needed but at 70 i'm not as quick anymore as when i was lots younger...

At least they will make 2 new pipes through the roof to put my anntenna's back up, 2/70 and hangiing point for the Fritzel FD-4 OCF and Imax 2000.
THe vertical for 160 - 18 will be back as well, ground mounted as inverted L they also make the guy wire fix points on the roofs as well for the FD-4.

Vertical will be 60 feet high and the L part from top 66 feet, run by MFJ 998 legal limit autotuner from 160 to 18 meter.

New FD-4 ready old one was 20 years old needed replacement.
Imax 2000 for 10/12/15.
FD-4 6 meter and down to 80 meter
Diamond X510 with homebrew teflon coax c's 200 watt 2/70
Horizontal loop for 2/70.
Depending on the weather i might be a few months from the air only using lowered vertical, maybe weather permitting i can put 2/70 baack up on the roof, but winter is around the corner, not risking my life on the slanted roof.
Next spring tie for the inverted L to be build up.
Hobby can be fun......renovating the house less so, but then all will be new again in the house and very energy efficient as well.
Just hoped they did it 10 years earlier ;)