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    On the way home from work, a Semi-truck took out a Deer crossing the interstate, behind the incident was a number of vehicles that witnessed the incident. A vehicle with a couple of guys jumped out and scooped up the dead deer and threw it in the trunk.

    Thirty years ago,I worked for a company that would close whole company so that the family owned business could go take advantage of "Gun Season" in Kentucky where you could hunt on your own land without the usual restriction.

    For all the friends I have, the only thing they have offered me was ground Venison.

    Where are the steak or the Rump roast?
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    At a former employer, Sloppy Does were popular in the prototyping machine shop. One of my hunting/motorcycle buddies - who was a line manager - would make an entire crock pot at a time. As soon as word got out, the hordes descended. That pot didn't last half an hour.
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    We have a local processor that will let unclaimed meat go for the processing cost. Got a deer in sausage, ground , steaks and roasts for $60. Had to much to go through even with 5 people in the house at the time. Ended up giving some away

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