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Thread: Rusty Bowers Is Not A Goddammed Hero!

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    Rusty Bowers Is Not A Goddammed Hero!

    He only followed the law, and performed his public lawful duty for which he is paid to do. After his goddammed MAGA FUHRER ordered him to overturn a lawful election, now has 30% of the mentally challenged folks not trusting the system based on a lie, he will VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN!!!!!!!

    He believes the Flying Zombie god whispered the US constitution into the ears of the founding fathers. He is a goddammed MORON!!!!!!!!!

    Forgot linkee:

    Being a former fundie of maybe six years, I know how his indoctrinated mind works. Allow me to enlighten y'all: 2Timothy 3:16 "God breathed", from Koine Greek means divinely inspired. So, the open Deists, like Thomas Jefferson who rejected the Christian God where compelled beyond their free will? These folks do not follow their history or logic of their own beliefs. When you hear a fundie say, :"divinely inspired ", alarm bells should go off. Muslim, or xtian.

    16 All Scripture is God-breathed(A) and is useful for teaching,(B) rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,(C)

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