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    Selling marine supplies to people so ignorant about boats that they barely know the pointy end goes first can be aggravating but I sure have learned a lot over the past few years. For instance, Iíve discovered that if you ever need to glue one thing to another and nothing you try seems to work, thereís a solution: West System G/flex 650.

    This stuff is fabulous and, with proper prep, will adhere to damned near anything including the types of plastic they use for glue bottles because most other glues wonít stick to them. Iíve even used it to repair blown seams on inflatable boats that were given up for dead. Itís not cheapóaround $30 for 250ml of resin and hardeneróbut worth every penny if you have a difficult gluing job.

    Thereís also a thickened version, #655, thatís good for situations where the glue running out of a joint is a problem, such as on a vertical surface.
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