replaced 2/70 vertical for Diamond X 510 N after replacing thee original C's feeding it inside for RG 316 Teflon coax C's so i can use the 200 watt amplifier again on 2 meters.
SWR both bands good, ran FT-8 for 30 minutes full power 200 watts no smoke signals.
15 meter Ecoflex 15 ( LMR 600) so almost no losses.
Bagged a german in the test run on 2 meters.
Horizontal i use a dual loop antenna 2/70 good for 800 watts.
Pancake flat country so range is about 100 km direct and repeaters 100 miles.
Conditions? we'll see digital i rached 800 to 1000 KM with 30 watts. look under antenna's and modificatio X510.