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Thread: NOT a role model...

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    NOT a role model...

    Dak Prescott on Fans Throwing Objects at Refs After Cowboys' Loss: 'Credit to Them'

    So, even in sports, it's in fashion to blame someone else for your mistakes. What a role model this crash test dummy is for our youth. Lose a game because your team is so ill-prepared, encountering approximately 1 dozen pre-snap penalties, and because you're too stupid to know that an official has to 'set' the football before each play. How many plays has this dummy seen in his NFL career? And he thinks it's OK for his center to spot the ball? And he pisses and moans because the official can't get to the ball to set it because your team is lined up, ready to snap the ball?

    And then the goober states that it's OK to throw garbage at the officials, but only after he was told that the crowd wasn't throwing the debris at the players.

    All because you're too spoiled, too pampered, too stupid to admit your mistake, Dak. Your team deserved to lose, and you contributed 'bigly' to the effort.

    Perhaps you'll grow up and be a real football player some day Dak, but I doubt it.
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    QBs have always been the fair haired bairns of foobo, so what else is news? Check out those TV commercials by Broadway Joe, as if his investments don't pay enough. Click on the link where you'll find video clips and one where fans are CLEARLY throwing trash at the Dullass Cowboogers coming off the field, NOT the officials. Grow up? Isn't that asking too much of a sniveling, pampered wussy QB? I've known too many such critters that never take responsibility for their own actions, and for the benefit of such miscreants I pass along some words of wisdom passed to me. When you point the finger there are three pointing at you. Now hover your mouse pointer over the image for a flashback to one of the funniest TV shows ever.

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    Oh, him. I originally thought you were posting about Antonio Brown or Le'von Bell, amongst other ungrateful sports schnooks.
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    Yeah, Dak was trying to deflect blame from fans throwing stuff at the team. According to a stat displayed during the game, Dallas is the 2nd most penalized team in the league.

    They played a crappy game and the team got frustrated because of it and started drawing more penalties for infractions because they were cry babies. Yes Dak should have known that the ref has to spot the ball but thought he could get away with it. He's full of himself, he thinks he's a one-man team. Did you notice when he threw one of his many bad passes the receiver couldn't catch, Dak looked at the receiver like it was his fault.
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