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Thread: Anyone else binge some of the new stuff?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kb2vxa View Post
    Good grief Charlie Brown, The Curse of Oak Island (not the one in the NJ Meadowlands with a huge railroad yard on it) is about as unreal as unreality TV gets. The REAL money is not in some fabled pit, it's in the TV show they're milking to death. Well, it's one of the few shows I can stomach while eating. (;->) Counting Cars is however one that gets me all choked up and changing channels. It's such a pity how instead of restoring classics they chop them all to hell making rat rods out of them. I'm no Motorhead, (a Heavy Metal band) but I do know a thing or three about classics, many had balls under the bonnet and only need restoration to run the pants off today's plastic computers on wheels.

    Oh yes please DO dump Dish for cable! We had it here until it got dumped for one even worse, anything satellite including Hughes Network for Internet craps out in rain and snow that disperses microwaves. That's where the old 8ft steerable BUD (Big Ugly Dish) shone like the sun, it and the old AT&T telephone relays with horns had sufficient gain to hold their own in the worst weather. Here's the thing about cable TV and high speed Internet, it all comes off of satellites BUT the down links come off of fixed 8ft BUDs and they too hold their own in the worst weather.

    Here's one of those offers you BETTER refuse, Dish gives pets and perks when you get friends to sign up, the more the merrier... NOT! "What's this bull shit you conned me into? Every heavy rain or snow causes my TV to fail! @$%*!!! Some friend you are, with friends like you who needs enemies?!" Yep, the "friend" who borrows your shit and doesn't give it back is the one who deserves Dish, MUAHAHAHAAAaaa. Then as soon as that's done dump Dish and go with cable, then you can rewrite David Knopfler, 357 Channels And Nothing On.

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    Not dumping dish for cable. No cable available in my area. We have a local company setting the area up with wireless internet. I will have a 6' long Yagi going on the roof soon just for internet. The current internet service is through Windstream and they suck. I pay a shitload for 10Mbps and get 2Mbps most of the time except when I try to upload anything, then download is zilch. It looks like I will be getting 25Mbps for a little less then Windstreams 10Mbps and get 10Mbps upload instead of the 1Mbps that I currently never see. Would have been switched over already but staffing shortages have left this small business struggling to get everything set up during the pandemic. everything I get on dish I can stream with a decent internet connection.
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    Wireless Internet leaves much to be desired, but is better than satellite if conditions are right, no obstructions, high gain antenna, little path loss, etc. Hey, I don't need to explain to a ham, Ray VK2TV who has wireless out in Fredericton, NSW had to explain it to ME. (;->) He has just one spanner in the gearbox, the Council won't allow an antenna high enough for direct line of site above a nearby obstruction.

    "everything I get on dish I can stream with a decent internet connection."
    Funny how "decent" is a relative term, at my last QTH my cable TV and Internet was pretty decent, here it sucks like a Hoover and there's nothing I can do about it. Wireless is set up for text between a number of medical devices and laptops shared by me and a guy with a laptop throttled to 360KiB/s down and up. That's good for streaming audio and piss slow download, together audio breaks up and video alone buffers like hell when another device is pulling off the same AP that gives a strong signal being right outside my door. Don't complain, there's always someone who has it worse than you, but what about the LAST guy? NOBODY has it worse than that guy!
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