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Thread: Anyone else binge some of the new stuff?

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    Thumbs up Anyone else binge some of the new stuff?

    I'm thinking of the non-fiction, non-drama reality series types of programs. Here's a few that I like quite a lot:

    * Home Town (HGTV): Erin & Ben Napier renovate old homes in Laurel, Mississippi

    * Treehouse Masters (Animal Planet): Pete Nelson builds over the top treehouses. Season 12 of this show is currently cancelled.

    * Gold Rush (Discovery Channel): Tony Beets, Parker Schnabel, and others hunt gold in Alaska, California, Colorado, Arizona, and other locations.
    Dave Turin's Lost Mine is a spinoff of "Gold Rush" and is very good. The poignant loss of Jesse Goins and how Turin's team took care of Jesse's family afterwards was top notch.

    I also enjoy almost all of the science related series, like "How the Universe Works", and I catch or record all of the historic programs, especially those about World War II.

    Anyone else binge new TV series instead of mindlessly absorbing cable and network news, which I find boring and depressing?

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    Thank you for the reminder. I've been watching GR and the spin-offs since the start.
    Last couple of seasons though I've had to catch it in reruns.
    I've enjoyed island life for 14 years. That's 10 years more than the Confederacy was around.
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    Tree house Masters is very popular here.
    Mrs U is the TV aficionado and I go along for the ride. Food porn shows are popular here too.

    The list is quite long. I can only take so much TV before I wander off to the shop or shack, so I'm not the one to ask. I'll see what she has us into and report back.

    The one network I can watch mindlessly is Motortrend. Shows where my mind wanders too.

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    I only turn the TV on when eating as background noise strictly avoiding Tree Manglers and Land Destroyers. I keep half an eye on Porn Stars and some of the new in search of something shows, otherwise it's my computer The Great And Powerful Oz keeping me from watching paint dry. Entertainment on the Internet beats the pants off of anything on the TV, movies of my choice and TV without commercials. When I'm here or doing e-mail the background is Radio Caroline, a radio station out of London on AM, DAB, Smart Speakers, and of course the Internet worldwide. If your player can resolve the main stream the URL is Like mama said; try it, you'll like it bubala.
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