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    Anyone ever play with the ATU-100 automatic antenna tuner? This is the "commercial" version of the N7DDC AAT.

    There are a lot of sources for these on eBeast in various states, from full blown kits to semi-assembled to assembled. Most sources are either in Russia or China.

    I'd picked up a semi-finished kit a few months back ($60, no tax, free shipping, from Russia), but hadn't done anything with it yet. It came with a completed board, the LCD display, and... nothing else. No cables to interconnect. No instructions. No nothing. I expected the cables, but not the rest. I still have plans for this unit.

    In the meantime, I found an assembled unit for $68 (plus tax) with free shipping. Came yesterday. Seller was a US address, turns out he was a reseller as the assembled unit was built in China. That aside...

    So far, I've been pleased. Unit came with a built-in battery, charged via a USB "C" cable (included). Operates simply but effectively. This one doesn't have a "bypass" switch or button... but if you turn it off, it automatically goes into bypass. Can't get much simpler than that.

    My only annoyance? A very petty one. The power switch is mounted upside-down from what you'd normally expect. I think I can live with this! (But give it a few weeks, we'll see if I find anything else)

    So, I'm wondering if anyone else has gotten one of these, and in one state, and what they've thought of it.
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