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Thread: Blue Ridge Amateur Radio Society

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    Quote Originally Posted by KG4CGC View Post
    I went. It was a nice little hamfest. A CB'er won the Icom IC-7300.
    His handle is Scooby.
    Well shit Charles, I was in Greenville on Saturday and missed your previous post about the hamfest. I would have stopped in if I had known about it. Was up there for the cheap trick, heart concert saturday night.

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    Well shit.
    Whale shit.
    Deep subject.
    Shallow minds.
    Geriatric concert for sure.
    OK, that last part was a joke.

    You have the link to their updated website now. Just keep an eye on it starting around February or March. It was much friendlier this year. I think some of the old guard left. They knew some of the CB'ers and didn't mind them being there. Openly didn't mind them being there.
    Over the last 25 years I've heard some of the things that have been said otherwise I wouldn't be making the statement above.
    [edit]: Make that 29 years. I was listening in on the scanner 4 years before I took any tests.

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