results of prior experiment are suprising:

i made both a 2m and a six meter dipole out of rg58 coax. something i noticed about the 234 and the 468 formula; these do get me in the general area, (and maybve these work more accurately with small diameter wire) but i need to trim off A LOT to tune into frequency.... which is a pain when things ain't at ground level.

what i did was: i tied the coax shielding to the coax wire itselt on both parts of the dipoles, thinking more surface area for rf to run around.... more surface area, more better swr over a wider of frequency band. the entire 2m band tuned in at between 1.0 and 1.4 over the entire band.. and the six meter tuned to the bottom part of the band (50.0 to just above 53.000) between1.1 and 1.3, but shot up real fast at about 53.300)

the next experiment will be using a three wire extension cord, tying the three ends together, to make the two dipole legs, to see what will happen. ... suspect better band width, but mush heavier wire......