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Thread: what about the mode you're in?

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    what about the mode you're in?

    my boat anchor has different modes; LSB, USB, AM, FM, FSK, and CW mode. i must select a mode before i transmit. i push a button to get into each mode. my 767gx does not allow code to be sent (with a straight key) on any mode other than CW, unless i'm using a computer interface. but, when just listening in to other people transmitting, i've noticed that i can receive transmissions from some people on all modes, meaning, when these people transmit, i can receive them on all modes, some modes are clearer than others but i can hear them on all modes. how is this possible?

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    A station being received in CW "mode" (actually, USB with a narrower filter and a different BFO offset) will sound different than the same station being received in USB - even though the signals fall on the same side of zero-beat.

    Ditto receiving a station on FSK instead of LSB.

    I don't have a link handy, but if you do a search for "SSB receiver design theory" you should find a good starting point for the basics.
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    word up, dawg, thank ya'

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