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Thread: Fairness

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    News story in the Trib online, basically saying that:

    (a) Mandates from the GOP-controlled Pa State Senate, under the guise of "election reform", caused additional, unbudgeted expenses for the elections boards in some counties
    (b) State Senate refused to provide any additional funding.
    (c) Mark Zuckerberg, of Facebook infamy, made donations to the affected county election boards.
    (d) GOP Senators now want to ban county election boards from accepting donations. Because it wasn't fair.


    "Fairness" my left foot. Sounds more like they tried to make it harder for the affected elections boards to do their jobs, and got caught at it.
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    Well, when one party is a terrorist group ...
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    This fund raises $ to help pay court fees and costs keeping ex felons from voting. Even for non felons facing fines.

    The next step for GOPee is murder possible contrary voters.

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    That would be happening here, too, if the blues didn't hold both houses and the governorship.

    I'm not really excited about needing outside funding to make our elections run reasonably, but given the alternatives ...
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