When they tell you "anything you say can and will be used against you" it's time to lawyer up. I'm a good boy never having been arrested, but I do know how to handle cops in a curbside discussion, always tell the truth and not one word more than necessary. One time in an industrial area after hours as a suspicious person one spotted a tire iron lying at my feet, he asked why I didn't keep it in the trunk. My answer was "Because there's a bigger one in there, wanna see it?". Then he tells me it's illegal to carry a weapon, I tell him it's not a weapon, it's a tool like a hammer or spanner that only becomes a weapon if you bash somebody's brains out with it. FINALLY he caught on, laughed and gave me back my papers. Another time in a raging snowstorm and mine was the only car on the road one stopped me in the middle of the road avoiding a huge berm left by plows. The question naturally was what was I doing out in such nasty weather, I told him I was visiting a friend. He spotted the rounded end of a cured oak rake handle, the perfect club, on the manual shift center console and wanted to know why I had it in the car. As always truth prevailed, "I live in Elizabeth, a notoriously tough town from WAY back.". Every cop in Union County knows about Lizardbreath, the city that makes its own cheese, so no problem carrying a "Tommyknocker".

All such deliveries SHOULD be left at the front desk, not here, only snail mail is. Yesterday was "one of those days", parcels are left on the loading dock and are usually brought in and are delivered inside, not yesterday. In the process of doing a serious computer upgrade I had a $230 gaming monitor delivered at 9:30am and by 3:00pm it still hadn't reached me, I was worried. It took 2 1/2 hours to get a fire hot enough lit to motivate "them", FINALLY it was brought to my room. I'm waiting on a DP cable, when it gets here the work, and I mean WORK begins, the thing weighs half a ton and my computer weighs the other half! <groan>