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Thread: License testing during COVID

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    So, once upon a time the FCC sold CB licenses at $5 every 5 years, $1 per year for an exam free ham license with unlimited privileges isn't bad at all. Following the misquoted "we don' nee' no steenking baa-jeez" we don' nee' no steenking vee-dee-yoz eedur. Borrowing the Pink Floyd lyric "we don't need no education" I'll stop using the phrase "12 volts is for wimps, real radios can kill you" as my bit of chlorine in the gene pool, my polishing of the Darwin Awards.

    If the Always Ripping and Robbing Lowlifes sell more member ships I can get them a contract with Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems for engines and gensets.

    Sure, more power to the Advanced Age Radio People and their infernal discount insurance TV commercials further tipping the ratio of ads to programming to more ads and less boring programming. Then I won't have to stay up at night watching "infomercials" that like Bible stories sell the same product 3 times in a one hour time slot.

    Thank you Charles for inspiring my grump for today. >>>POP<<< Now with tongue removed from cheek, on to something... serious?

    It would be interesting to see what the League of Extra Ordinary Genteel Men comes up with if they think they can do it better (not likely) than the VEs are doing it now. Wait a minute, forget the IF. They must think they'll have a better idea than the one that's working perfectly now or they would shut up and leave well enough alone. I leave you with this thought to mull over, what do you call someone who thinks he can improve on perfection?
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    Sadly I tend to agree. The goal of any government created regulatory is to eventually subsidize the
    trade or service , or in this case the hobby we are in. The only thing that may discourage it is the lack of new hams
    entering in the hobby, even before the social distancing paranoia came into effect. Now its nearly impossible to upgrade or take
    an exam, so how are you gonna have proper numbers to feed to wall street so they can place a wager and rake in the profit
    on the subsidizing.

    Quote Originally Posted by KG4CGC View Post
    Just a thought.

    The way things are going (grumpy old man voice) the FCC will just start charging a yearly fee for the Amateur Radio License and eliminate testing.

    There will be videos on proper station set ups and the fee will include a safety guide that can be downloaded online or sent in the mail for another fee.

    The ARRL may see this as an opportunity to sell more memberships.

    [edited to add] Based on population age demographics, perhaps the AARP will get in on this by offering Amateur Radio coupons.
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