Was that Uniden the "export model" with a 30W mod legal on the 11M BRS channels between 22 and 23 with 4 more above 23 and a speech processor? A couple of friends had them, one had an Israeli accent the processor didn't like so he left it off. 30W didn't matter much to the other guy, he was on the side of a hill with an Avante .64 wave vertical. His signal rivaled my 100W Heathkit Apache into a vertical dipole aka Shakespeare Big Stick I hated because of heavy precipitation static buildup on the fiberglass sheath. When I destroyed it in a second testing a 500W amp (An antenna rated at a kilowatt?) I repaired I replaced it with a 5/8 wave Cushcraft Ringo, no more static. BTW that was one great sounding little amp because instead of sweep tubes or "pills" biased into Class C it used a forced air cooled 4CX250A biased AB1. The owner's handle was... get this... Flipperdoo.