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Thread: Adobe Flash Player (RIP)

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    Adobe Flash Player (RIP)

    As of today, Adobe Flash Player has been disabled and no longer works, except under some very special conditions.

    This may affect certain web pages and other applications you come across.

    It's made for an... interesting morning for a co-worker of mine. Don manages all of the FIDS and GIDS displays [ Flight Information Display Systems / Gate IDS ], all of which run HTML based displays that use Adobe Flash Player.

    Not only were ALL of them down, first thing this morning, they only displayed a blue "f" icon. So everyone, of course was wondering why the displays were somehow related to Faceplant, er, Facebook.

    * sigh *

    BTW, Adobe was supposed to leave a back-door for systems that hadn't been updated. According to their fine print, systems configured a certain way wouldn't have AFP bricked. Don spent 2 weeks applying that configuration to all of the screens (around 200). Well... Adobe fibbed. They bricked it across the board.

    * sigh *

    [ At least it's not my problem! ]
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    It's about effing time.

    Having something run at Ring 0 privileges because reasons"performance" was one of the dumbest things ever allowed on a Windows platform, and has been a non-ending source of security headaches for years. Hopefully, the replacement(s) is/are better.
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