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    Actually, I was thinking of the original Duck Dodgers shorts... I never saw the cartoon series.

    Enjoyed the clip, tho. Evan got all the references and homages, right down to the Iron Giant. And Sea Man... they slipped THAT one past the censors!
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    I like the WB cartoons. Earthworm Jim was hilarious.

    Animaniacs got a reboot. No Wheel of Morality. Yet.

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    Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto. From the depths of Robot Hell he arose to battle Duck Dogers! (Bad guys always lose, die a thousand times, but are immortal just like in the real world.) Unfortunately a change in the cable TV channel lineup left me without The Cartoon Channel so I can't enjoy the reboot of Animaniacs, Robot Chicken that had nothing to do with a robotic chicken and all the adult cartoons shown after parental units have put the younger units to bed. BTW the poorly translated manual for the Icom IC-25 called the driver stage the younger unit. I just KNEW the music behind the Animaniacs political parody sounded familiar and here it is in its original form.

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