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Thread: Is this anyone we have heard of?

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    Is this anyone we have heard of?

    CBS have a number of TV stations in the UK. One of these is showing Unsolved Mysteries. This was made a while ago as the host died in 2013.

    One of the mysteries was the case of someone who was wanted for the attempted murder of a Police Officer and Firearm and Explosive offences. There was an update that they were subsequently arrested elsewhere in the United States and sentenced to 15 years.

    In the programme they said that they were a member of an organisation called The Kentucky Militia, but thrown out for being too extreme. They also said that they had a Amateur Radio station and broadcast offensive material. An example was a playlet of someone being pulled over by a Police Officer and saying I will satisfy your constitutional rights Officer, then the sound of gunfire.

    Was this a 14.313 or 7.2MHz bandit?

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    It could have been any one or a number of band its on 75, 39, 20M, or pure fiction. First, some bands don't conform with their actual wavelength, and second there is nothing real about "reality TV". Radio, TV, and cinema are entertainment, nothing is real, strawberry fields forever.
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    Old thread, but I do believe the gentleman's name was Steve and he had an AA8-something call.

    ETA: Upon further examination I see Dave beat me to it!
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