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    Alpha Delta DX LB

    Was given one of these but after hanging it got some problems. Its over 10
    yrs old, so its been weathered
    quite a bit. I redid all the connections from the feed point to the coild
    with new ring terminals and solder
    but it still only sees the 40m section , which is the radials before the 1st
    set of coils.

    We are planning on putting in all new 12ga wire. The coils ohm check ok, but
    was wondering if I put them on a LCR meter, what ought their inductance be?
    Is there a chart that you size up the gauge wire to the form diameter and
    get the inductance?

    I am guessing the larger coil for 160 will be double the inductance of the
    80m coils.

    The only new thing added is a current balun. Attaching some plots from a
    nano vna. Im told the 40m plot looks
    as per spec, but 80 is not very resonant as a low swr and nor is 160. Im
    told its very narrow banded, which it seems to be
    so Im almost convinced the traps are on and the ant wire has cold worked
    somehow over the years from hanging maybe...
    and a section is breaking under the insulation.
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