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Thread: How Putin Did It (maybe)

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    How Putin Did It (maybe)

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    I am probably wrong. I'm not a shrink ( I might need one) The MAGA Teapublican Jan 6th phenomena has bothered me beyond the events in the news. I am consumed with wanting to know how/why people that live amongst and love as fellow members of society can be brainwashed. I wanted to know how Hitler came to power, now I know. The danger is still very real.
    I've yet to see an episode of The Apprentice. I only watch main TV for news, weather, and sports. The MAGA movement was apparently teapublicans, (We know them as the Zed, liberty net) They are people who we have suspected are brainwashed. We seem to know it's coming from Russia, with social media. There are several large buildings housing the Russian agents that camp out on FB, Twitter, and other algorithm driven services.

    I came to an epiphany while watching The Shining.
    Kubrick's masterpiece looks like a ghost story, loosely following a Sreven King novel Kubrick was an atheist who didn't believe in ghosts. He believed in something more terrifying:our minds
    The early scene at the Overlook Hotel office holds the key to the story. The scene shows Jung's Red Book prominently on the desk. The images in the book do no do justice to the ultimate mind fuckery ones own dark companion may hold. I lost my copy of the book about three moves ago, maybe a good thing. It can play with your brain if you allow it to.

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    That scene brought a flood of memories about Jung, a person giving up their sense of individuality for group think, and Hitler, mind control, etc.
    We know Russia is using social media morons of misinformation. Getting a person to adopt group think and shun individual conscious experiences is the key, the technique was developed by the KGB, it's called Ideoligical Subversion.
    It has Stalin roots. It uses an intentional reversal of what Jung describes as what gives us our individual conscious identify over the group. The Psychological imagery was once almost considered pseudo science, but with modern cognitive research on consciousness, maybe not so much.
    Emerging concepts from Hammerhoff/Penrose strongly suggest that consciousness is a
    fundamental property that does not originate in the brain. That's above my pay grade.
    Here is a video from maybe over forty years ago. It features Yuri Bezmenov, the former KGB agent who helped successfully implement the program in the USA. At the time, they where just trying to subvert the "Free World Press"
    Former KGB agent and autocratic dictator of Russia, Putin is using the EXACT psychological techniques, with modern technology. He plainly explains that after he brainwashes people, they will deny the truth no matter what scientific facts you present them with.
    The Russians have brainwashed about 25% of Americans. The Red Book offers the road map to where in the mind Jung told the Russians where, and how to inflict the damage. They listened
    This video takes an hour or so of time. It boiled my blood to see the answer to the MAGA Moron Methhead problem right there in front of me.

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