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    An Interesting Afternoon

    So, two interesting things happened after I got home from work today... and they are both political and related.

    First, as I walk up to the front porch, there stands the Boss talking to Little Miss Field Day, who immediately asks if I, as a former Boy Sprout, remembers how to start a fire. There at her feet is some burnt red white & blue paper and plastic.

    Seems that when the two ladies got home, there was a Pro Trump flyer stuck on the door knob. Complete with a "Trump" American Flag, something about him being a champion of the people and the Second Amendment, how terrible the Democrats were... well, I'm taking LMFD's word for it, I never actually saw it.

    She burnt it. And enjoyed it immensely.


    A few minutes later, I'm taking some trash down to the trash cans, I see a car (a white Trailblazer with California plates) come speeding up the street. He pulls into the driveway next door, backs out with tires squealing -- that's what caught my attention -- and proceeds down the street.

    As he passes me, he shouts something out the open window. Angrily. Couldn't make most of it out, but I did catch the word "cracker." Or something like it. (Well, tough sh!t man, you come racing around my neighborhood, squealing tires, driving like a maniac -- and we have kids around here, including some young boys & a tomboy who is, shall we say, blossoming... damn right I'm going to notice a schmuck like you)

    He gets to the bottom of the street, stops at the Stop sign -- in the middle of the street, so no one can pass him -- and puts on his 4 ways. I'm figuring "now what?". A moment later, the schmuck gets out of the car and starts screaming at me again. Much of it incoherent, but I did catch that he is with the NRA, that "they" are doing something for the election, and daring me to call the cops on him. The Boss almost did... meanwhile, I notice that on the homes on the other side of the stop sign, there is another character hanging political pamphlets on doors. Same one.

    What did I do? Nothing. Turned around on my heel and went back inside. Clearly this schmuck was looking, begging for a fight; probably had one of the evening news producers on his speed dial.

    LMFD was ready to go down to the corner and debate him. But by the time she got out of the house, the door-to-door guy had gotten into the car and they'd left. Probably just as well. (She IS a professional wrestler, so I have no doubts that she could have held her own, but why give these yutzes the attention and martyrdom they so clearly craved?)

    Having people canvas the neighborhood? No problem, even if I disagree with said candidate. But this? Who needs this?

    But, you know, the orange yutz is actually right. He DOES deserve 4 more years, and then another term. Behind bars.
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