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Thread: ...Every time I get away

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    Yes. But...

    Most of the time we are punished if we go against the trend. Only at an inflection point are we rewarded. ~ George Soros

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    Well, after about two weeks of just looking at it, after clearing out a workspace for it, I plugged it in and checked the low voltages, all good so far.

    Fact: Sometimes, I cannot remember what and why I did 5 minutes previously so, looking at the insides of the amplifier and trying to remembering what and why things were done 10 - 20 years ago was indeed a (acid) trip down memory road.

    My Elmer, W8ERG(sk) used to have a saying, "Kid (I was 40 y/o at the time) always build in a 'pay day' when you do a job." For one, he always used the same color of wire (hard to trace) for construction and never build a job like you will be the only person who will have to repair it; he did both on this job.

    My biggest concern is going to be those 40 year old electrolytic capacitors; I can see where some have been replaced so, that means all the others are suspect.

    When I get the (mental) energy, I will re-wire the tube sockets patch AC into the primary of the outboard B+ via my Variac and wait for the explosion / out gassing of those parts; gonna contact owner to start the search for money for the electrolytic capacitors in the B+ section.


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