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Thread: Not quite a boatanchor, but definitely in need of help

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    I like the GDT use.
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    Got Rob's kit of parts in last week and reworked the RF Board. One of the additions was an IF buffer board in place of C291 - the AM detector coupling capacitor. This helps improve detector linearity on all modes and is especially useful if you're going to run an external detector for synchronous AM (SAM).

    I plan to monitor the receiver IF outputs with a scope, so the boards will prevent loading the IF down when one is connected.

    A few assorted eBay transactions yielded two Yaesu FRT-7700 preselectors plus some connectors. These were originally marketed for use with their FRG-7700 receiver and have two flying-lead pigtails (one for MW broadcast band and the other for SW) to connect to the parent receiver's push-terminal antenna jacks. Job One was to swap these out for an RCA male-terminated run of RG-174 (SW range) and a female-terminated version of same (BC range). Luckily, two of the preselectors side-by-side are exactly the width of an NRD-515 so I can put both on the 10-12M lineup's middle radio.

    The reason for with many dual-conversion receivers, the problem of images arises. Not a big deal if you're far away from high-powered emitters, but one of the 10M Gang is right down the road and occasionally goes QRO. A passive preselector will help reduce image interference.

    So far, so good. When my order of RCA female connectors arrives I'm going to modify the NSD-NRD transceive cable and put a flying lead on the receiver side's RX Mute line so the secondary receiver can also be muted upon transmit.
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