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Thread: 10 Meter Amp

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    "I have a Communications Power HF-150 here in the shack. ... That amp works very well with a 10W-class HF transceiver."
    That's a whole different story than throttling back a ham rig to drive a CB amp. That's like the 100W P-P 80-10M broadband solid state amp I had back in the day, only it lacked a RX preamp. Fine with me, like I said if you have a good RX to begin with all it does is drag in more noise.

    While on the subject of amps, Motorola made a 5W in 50W out VHF Class C amp for use with police HTs in a mobile Convertacom, a shoe with contacts for antenna and power. When I was living in West Creek working the world at K2PG Superstation I found that amp at a hamfester, bought it for a song, re-tuned it for 2M and hooked it up to Phil's antique packet station using an HT. That sure sped things up, ack and frack finally got together and sent resend pack(et)ing.
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    The resistors have arrived and as soon as I get a couple of other things done this weekend I'll get back on this project.

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