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Thread: I am losing it!

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    I am losing it!

    Super Glue that is.

    I buy a tube of Super Glue, use some, put the cap back on and then, promptly proceed to misplace it; by the time I find it, it is dried up in the tube so, I have to get more.

    *Smart me* sees a pack with 4 tubes of Super Glue, buys it, cracks one tube, uses some then I put on "used" container with the unopened three and........wait for it...

    I mislay the pack containing all 4 containers of Super Glue.

    The only upside will be, when I find them, at least three containers will still be good.

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    In an ideal world, labeled glass containers and shelves.
    In a perfect world, same as above with apothecary drawers.

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    You have a memory like my memory, no memory. I used to write notes, then I'd forget where I put them. That was fixed when I bought a whole slew of small, strong, "doughnut" magnets to stick notes to the refrigerator, problem solved. Well, one problem solved, but another cropped up, a refrigerator covered with paper and magnets.

    That having been said, forget the Super Glue. It's best used for what ethyl cyanoacrylate was developed for, sticking your fingers together. (surgical glue) There's no point in trying to save a partially used tube, it's hard as a rock in a week. It's only good on porous materials, liquid hide glue (one common brand is Gorilla Glue) serves that purpose, is cheaper, and the opened bottle lasts longer, much longer. Same for casein glue (Elmer's) and both are great for woodworking and require clamps like most strong glues. Thank the cows, hides, hooves, and milk for glue, milk and meat for food and bone for meal filler in McDonald's hamburgers. Gorilla Glue now comes in several formulas for different applications, I suggest you forget Super Glue and check the Internet for what the guy in the furry suit has to offer. Then leave the bottle in a prominent location you look at frequently.

    At first Krazy Glue (same as Super Glue) was advertised by a "construction worker" hanging by his hard hat from an I beam and the package claimed it could be used for metal to metal. BUNK! I glued a small transformer that had no mounting tabs to the inside panel of a transmitter. All went well until it fell on the mains power/function switch and started a fire. Having taken yet another course in The School of Hard Knocks I mounted it with the frame from another transformer and two short self tapping screws like I should have done in the first place.

    Lastly I suggest you make America grape again starting with your own house and habits. Develop coping skills like I have, one is a strong belief in there's a place for everything and everything in its place. Never EVER just set something down and walk away, not only does that lead to clutter, also you'll never find it again. Lay out those places logically, and when you're done with something put it back where you got it from. If you can't remember where you got it from you have Alzheimer's... (;->) make a list of places with a floor plan of your house and number them. Then when using #5 put it back in location #5, simple enough? Remember Mr. Douglas and his ditsy wife in Green Acres with the electric cords numbered? Yeah, like that. (;->) If you're not THAT scatterbrained and can count to 10 you'll remember where those places are as I do having learned to cope with forgetfulness.
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