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Thread: Microsoft Hijacked My Computer

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    Quote Originally Posted by KJ3N View Post

    Scroll to the bottom and click Download.

    Payment is optional, but you get more blocking options with the paid version.

    Best return ever for money I donated.

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    Yesterday Mozilla updated Firefox, now it has anti-tracking built in, however it can't stop Micro$atan's old tricks, telemetry. Now they're putting that shit in third party apps, these days you may as well be using a public WiFi hotspot. $10 is a worthwhile investment, but if you're utterly paranoid or up to no good and want the ultimate in security you'll have to pay more for the very best, ExpressVPN or second best (not quite as fast but I find it adequate) NordVPN. If you spend that much money you must be a smart shopper, look around for the best discount that ironically may be hidden on an obscure page on the manufacturers web site. There are others that have various holes, and freebies are worthless, so if you want to be completely any mouse end to end wear a Guy Fawkes mask at least when you're up to no good.

    So, thanks for the post, the cheapskates and legal beagles... and most of all Spybot appreciates it. (;->)
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    Which version of Win10 are most of you in-thread using...Home, Professional, Enterprise?

    I'm getting ready to build an i3770-based system and as far as the requisite MS platform will likely install the lower-tier Pro offering. Don't need enhanced graphics or gaming capabilities.
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    All 64 bit, Pro in the the AMD tower, Home on the laptops.
    Pro is tweaked with Windows insider stuff.

    I gotta fire up/rebuild my Linux "mule" tower PC.

    The mule is almost always open case, used to test and refurb drives mostly.
    Various distros from time to time, but man, it is a useful machine.

    My one and only Mac (Power Computing "clone") got donated.
    Ran Beos like a champ, no OS-X in any form.

    May build another tower at some point.
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