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    This Cincinnati neighborhood ranks among the worst places in Ohio to buy a home

    A neighborhood within the city of Cincinnati is one of the worst places for homeownership in the state, according to a recent study. ranked the 45203 ZIP code, which is made up mostly of Queensgate, as No. 4 among the worst places in Ohio to buy a home. The study, based on the most recent Census Bureau data for cities with a population of 60,000 or more, reviewed each areas price to rent ratio found by dividing the median home value by the median annual rent.

    When home prices rise significantly faster than local rent, the ratio will rise. This indicates a possible housing bubble where it may be better to rent.
    Yeah, tell me about it, it's called "Gentrification."



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    Gentrification, so called because only the Gentry can afford to live there, like the Greenwich Village and Alphabet City neighborhoods of Manhattan, NY, and the neighborhood surrounding Lackawanna Terminal in Hoboken, NJ. Interestingly enough the Gentry often have a Bohemian lifestyle, anyone who has been to "The Village" in the 50s saw beatniks in the coffee houses, and in the 60s replaced with hippies. Being a rail fan having used the terminal to change trains when riding the rails I observed the restoration of that grand terminal and reopening of ferry service to Manhattan. During layovers I shopped for snacks at the supermarket up the hill, and saw gentrification of the neighborhood, restoration of the historic brownstone apartments commonly known as brownstones. It was a huge moneymaking project, invest in restoration, then charge sky high rent... rather like building Trump Tower. (ducking)

    Now if you don't mind me saying, the very name Queensgate belies the high rent district. That so called study could have been done by a 4th Grader, finding out who lives where is that easy a task of simple logistics. All things considered the high rent district is the low crime district, like a border wall (ducking again) it keeps the riff-raff out.

    As an aside I was going to refer to the author as M, and then it hit me, in the James Bond novels his boss is M for Moneypenny. Down the hall is the lab where those cool spy gadgets come from, the head of that division is Q. That raises the question; is he from The Continuum or does he walk with a swish?

    On edit, I just remembered something, behind the ferry slips at Lackawanna Terminal is Frank Sinatra Park built over a clean landfill jutting out into the Hudson River. Photographers come from miles around day and night to capture the beauty of the Manhattan Skyline and the river side of the terminal all lit up with the Hoboken Skyline behind. Here's a night shot, too bad there's not enough room for the full size image that would take your breath away. Speaking of which, the city smoke just may do that. (;->)

    Lackawanna Terminal @ Hoboken NJ 2012.jpg
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