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Thread: "Sticks in the mud"

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    "Sticks in the mud"

    Not only is one end of the stick "Stuck in the mud", the other end is stuck up their azzes!

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wants to make clear that vaping, green tea and fancy coffee drinks are off limits under the religion's dietary code, which is meant to keep members from consuming unhealthy substances.
    Mormon leaders pointed to an article in its youth magazine New Era which reminded readers that the Word of Wisdom prohibits hot drinks, understood to mean tea and coffee, and harmful or habit-forming substances.
    E-cigarettes are highly addictive, iced tea is still tea and any drink ending in -ccino probably has coffee and breaks the rules, the church wrote.

    Recreational marijuana is also banned but Medical Marijuana and Opioids are fine when used as prescribed by a doctor.


    I wonder if, the "Pope" of the Mormons issued this decree bull (Papal Bull).

    Mormons cannot drink iced tea, I wonder if they also specify "Red Bull" which, "Gives you wings"; "wings" might let you fly up and "see" Heaven; wouldn't want that to happen before it's time right?


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    Isn't Red Bull FULL of caffeine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WX7P View Post
    Isn't Red Bull FULL of caffeine?
    Exactly but, it doesn't end in "ccino" and, it isn't Coffee or Tea (proper).

    Look at the irony of saying that Alcohol, Tobacco, Tea and, Coffee (sic Caffeine) is a religious no-no but medically prescribed Cannabis and Opioids will not bar you from Heaven.

    Looks like it's time for another "New" version of the "Good Book" to be authored.

    ETA: I didn't read far enough!

    Church members in recent years have debated whether soda, which typically has caffeine, is prohibited.

    After prominent church member and then-Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney attracted attention in 2012 for drinking Diet Coke on the campaign trail, the church clarified that it has no rule against caffeine itself.

    The] Mormon [Church] has dance[d] off [like a] Michael Jackson impersonator - London Liv


    (All emphases are mine)
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    The color of tea depends on how long leaves were oxidized ranging from green to black. Here's the rub, when all "hot drinks" are banned does it matter the color of the tea? Next come "fancy coffee drinks" already banned under all hot drinks. Religious or secular, leave it to legislators to ban what has already been banned. Then again society has yet to discover a legislator with a brain, a historical fact. Ban Ban! (That's not redundant, think about it.)

    It's pretty obvious that none of the Elders speak Italian, the suffix "ccino" is a diminutive term of endearment. "Dear, little, small, sweet" are among the meanings which emerge when the suffix -ccino is added to the end of an Italian word. Specifically, the ending in question can be grouped among the diminutives in Italian. Its addition indicates an affectionate or humorously tolerant attitude of the speaker toward the object or person in question.
    When the cappuccino drink was first introduced in Italy, it was named after the Capuchin friars because the color of the espresso mixed with frothed milk was similar to the color of the Capuchin robe. The name, whimsical in a world of utilitarian coffee-drink names, stuck; we borrowed it into English in the late 1800s. The characteristic simplicity of these friars is, indeed, proverbial; besides being yet further illustrated by several sayings current in Italy where their order is numbered by the thousand, such as "to dine al cappuccino," to make but a sorry meal; and "to travel al cappuccino," i.e. to journey on foot.
    The Capuchin Order is much older than The Church of Latter Day Morons, but being such it really doesn't surprise me they would take up against a preexisting sect.

    New Era = Code for New World Order.
    Word of Wisdom = Code for Book of Prohibitions aka The Moron Advertising Directory. It's a well known fact that the best way to promote something is to make it illegal.
    God in his infinite wisdom put these things on this Earth to be used and not abused, and he gave wisdom to the Shamans on how to use them. If you should see a Native American medicine man dancing around a fire and chanting, chances are he's stoned out of his mind preparing for a dream quest. So now we have both religious and secular legislators prohibiting use of what God has given us... and it makes me wonder.

    "Experts and church members said the clarifications raised as many questions as they answered."

    "Mormons cannot drink iced tea, I wonder if they also specify "Red Bull" which, "Gives you wings"; "wings" might let you fly up and "see" Heaven; wouldn't want that to happen before it's time right?"
    It already has happened, God gave wings to Enoch seventh from Adam. He and his angel guide flew there and he wrote a book about what he saw. The book describes God's palace, throne room, and throne as being entirely crystalline. The movie Superman also made the Fortress of Solitude look like a mass of crystals, and established that the Fortress was actually a recreation of the way buildings were constructed on Krypton. Somebody was familiar with The Book of Enoch. That's an interesting touch to the Superman mythos created in 1938 as a humanoid given god power by a yellow sun, Krypton's was red. No wonder ancient Egyptians worshiped the sun and called it Ra, a distant relation to Sun Ra, the god of music and alien from Saturn.

    One thing leads to another............ like maybe this should be in the religion section.
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    Growing up around a few Mormon families, any form of caffeine was verboten while in the Muslim families I knew, caffeine was far from haram.

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