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    Did you know that today (13 August 2019) is officially the 50th birthday of the Big Mac?

    (It’s not, by the way, it’s the 52nd. But what’s a year or three amongst PR types?)

    Yeah. I know.

    So, since Mickey Dees grudgingly acknowledges that the Big Mac was invented in Pittsburgh... well, a suburb of the city in the North Hills, then actually introduced in Uniontown, about a 45 minute drive from downtown Pgh, but never mind that... they had a little, ah, interactive presentation going on at the Airside Terminal today.

    (I sure hope it wasn’t for the benefit of the Big Orange Buffoon, since Air Farce One lands at the USAF base next door to Pittsburgh International, so it would never get seen... never mind)

    So I get that they had some poor schmuck dressed up as the Hamburglar... does anyone even remember that character anymore?... dancing and posing for pictures in front of a McD logo’d backdrop. Makes sense, kinda.

    But what I don’t get is... bagpipes? Yes, they also had a bagpiper playing (badly) traditional, ah, bag pipe music at the same time. Why? Mickey Dees is not Scottish, even if the name has origins there. All this did was confuse people and scare the therapy dogs.

    (Sorry, I have no pictures. Had I known ahead of time, I’d have been more prepared)
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    Someone at corporate has been huffing the fry grease again

    Like that post was...
    Moving on, my posts are not helpful

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    "Sorry, I have no pictures."
    That's alright, I have one.

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