"Found a great little farmers market... ...literally ON the farm, fantastic white corn!"
Memories of NJ-202 lined with farms each having a farmer's market. One was a pick your own, instead of veggies on the table were baskets and cutters. "Tis the season for tender young white corn (oh so sweet) but get it while it lasts, the next growth stage is ordinary yellow. That doesn't last too long either, the last stage is cow corn, looks good but too tough to eat. Come fall the plants die and dry out, then it becomes decorative for Halloween and silage. There's my short story, set it to music and call it A Day In The Life Of A Corn. (Sorry John.)

"She’s an adult for sure now! Which means... I can start charging her rent!"
But it's not Christmas yet Mr. Scrooge. Oh, may I have just one lump of coal for the fire?