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Thread: The 510 Thread

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    Michigan recreational marijuana retail sales to begin Dec. 1


    LANSING, MI -- Michigan residents will be able to legally purchase marijuana from stores beginning Dec. 1, the state Marijuana Regulatory Agency announced Wednesday, Nov. 13.


    Up to half of the products currently on display in dispensaries across the state, including vaping products, edibles and flower, are likely to soon be made available for purchase by the general public, no longer only to those with a state-issued patient or caretaker medical marijuana card.


    Omar Hishmeh, who co-owns Exclusive Brands, a company that grows, processes and retails marijuana from its location at 3820 Varsity Dr. in Ann Arbor, said once news spread that the recreational market would go live on Dec. 1, company leaders called an emergency meeting.
    Were stoked, Hishmeh said. The whole team is stoked. Literally, we just got out of a group meeting with management and retail trying to properly prepare for this so that were over-prepared.

    Were stoked,

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    We're stoked alright!
    Had me a couple of real nice girlfriends
    stop by to see me every once in a while.
    When I think back about those days
    all I could do is sit and smile.
    Now smoke is stoke,
    and groovin is groovin!
    Outside the club, cherry bomb
    Thrush glass packs on a 427.........

    Just look at those long lines of stoners, and pity the guy way back when he gets to the door and sees the SOLD OUT sign. (:-<) Omar Hashish? Glad he remembers "stoke" that fell into disuse years ago. I'm glad Miss Shegan finally legalized recreational use, sooner or later every state will and I predict it will take a while for Alley Bama to come into the 21st Century. Then what will Uncle Sam the Straight Man do? That promises to be an interesting quagmire when the Congress and Senate rest rooms smell of a strange air freshener.
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    All things being equal, that meaning black market THC carts being taken off the table, vaping THC is safer than smoking. A little gray area though because you don't smoke 20 doobies a day the way cigarette smokers will go through a pack or two a day. That's 20 per pack so 20 to 40 a day. I even met a couple of 5 pack a day smokers. Constantly had one lit and hanging from the lip.

    For older doobie consumers, vaping could be the difference they need in their day. Not everyone wants to burn their medicine. To wit, not everyone wants to eat their medicine. Edibles are fine if that's what you want and you know how to dose yourself or are willing to listen to the advice of professionals.

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