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Thread: The Anti-Plastic Brigade

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    This grumpy old bastid is never in a good mood, sometimes I fake it.

    Right Hugh, "Proud Americans" think we're world leaders when it comes to green, but the sad truth is the only things green are God's creation and our currency. It's actually the UK and the Continent far ahead while lagging behind, the tricky word is progress. Green is progress backward, like trading blown plastic grocery shopping bags for old fashioned recycled paper. Blown plastic at home is good for only two things, lining garbage pails where it goes to the dump/tip, is buried so 10,000 years from now archaeologists will discover the names of the shops where we bought groceries. The other thing they're good for is sneaking up behing Trump supporters, bagging them and hold on tight lest they get away. Paper bags at home are good for a number of things, one is covering kids' school books with them so they can draw on them to their heart's content. Another thing is sending them to a "recycling center" where they make covering for things that arrive in the post in a plain brown wrapper... wink wink nudge nudge.

    "Rightly you mention paying poor countries to dispose of the stuff for us... ... Those countries don't have the plant to recycle it so it is burnt or dumped."
    IIRC I mentioned a while back Asian inland waterways choked with garbage. Unfortunately many dumps are located near and along those waterways, poor neighborhoods likewise where they use those waterways to get around, and a handy place to dump their garbage. Having an interest in caring for our planet, it's the only one we've got, I have seen the pictures, literally a crying shame. All rivers lead to the sea, except the once mighty Colorado that is, so you really don't need to ask where that vast and growing ocean going trash pile comes from.

    "There is no alternative for chilled, shrink-wrapped (hermetically sealed) meats for example."
    I'll follow that up with anyone who freezes meat should get their own meat frozen, the police will find the body some time later if someone trips over the cord.
    "Our local municipal authority is a leader in recycling but some plastic, food wrapping mostly, still ends up in their incinerator which also runs power from a large alternator into the national grid."
    While the Global Warming Blame It On CO2 Brigade will scream and cry, burning garbage in a modern gas fired incinerator with a co-generator is a win-win situation. It's easy to separate metals from the ashes for recycling, chemicals can be extracted from the ashes, and what's left can harden into a cement like substance used for any number of things.

    The European Continent is far ahead of the rest of the world, and high speed electric railways isn't the only thing. Japan had the first one (1 October 1964) because a tiny country with a severe overpopulation problem had to come up with a way for people yo get around quickly, efficiently, and safely. I being a railfan just HAD to say that. (;->) In the early 90s Parmalat room temperature box milk showed up on supermarket shelves here and one day POOF, it mysteriously vanished. Because UHT went over like a lead balloon, as did food sterilized with high intensity nuclear radiation, progress toward preservation without refrigeration is stymied. If you think Third World countries are backward, take a closer look at America!

    So you think I'm full of shit do you? Pa Pa Pahrump! (Nevada)
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    Yes. Yes I do.

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