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Thread: Needed.

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    There used to be a guy at the Dayton Hamvention that sold the spreaders. Sadly, emails and phone calls go unanswered. I had inquired on another ham radio email reflector and was told he was out of business. Why the web site is still up is beyond me. When I saw them at Dayton, I did not have a need for them. Now I do. Not for ladder line but for something else. Oh well, either I find another source, or have to resort to making my own.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WZ7U View Post
    That's what I found too Charles, but thought Cor was referring to something else. I don't see how that style works for our purposes here....
    I found that as well as a bunch of women's Rose shaped and coloured hair clips.

    Eventually, I found these:


    Here's the funny thing, I paid $3.00 for four of them and, $4.49 to have them shipped..... across town; it's a 10 minute drive to "Debco" from my house.


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    Well, if you get shitty gas mileage, you might be ahead....

    But thanks for the new to me resource Mel.
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    Like that post was...
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    I don't have to tell you these days nothing comes cheap, any way you look at it since private stock seems to have dried up. You could get lucky at a hamfester, but I wouldn't count on it. First, if I were you I'd avoid plastic insulated window line and worse, TV twin lead like the plague. I remember a test for loss by the original AM Gangstas with 100ft of window line against 100ft of ladder line. On a clear day there was no measurable loss in either, but on a rainy day a major difference showed up, with 100W @ 3.8MHz in ladder line showed 100W out, but with 100W into window line only 1W came out, covered with snow same result. It's fairly well known with window line constant re-tuning in foul WX is a royal PITA. I remember a TV shop in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains 80mi from Philadelphia that sold 300 ohm glass insulated ladder line instead of twin lead for a very good reason.

    I can see why today's hams use all sorts of plastic items to make ladder line, Frank Zappa coined the word cheepness. I never was too keen on using plastic for anything, in the good old daze we used ceramic spacers of varying length, 3in was typical, I used 4in spacers to make a multi-band dipole. Unfortunately the SWR wouldn't stay down so it turned into a satisfactory fan dipole. Out of curiosity I scoured the net to see if ceramic spacers are still available, they are and I gagged when I saw these representative prices! EEK! End insulators? This isn't the first time surplus salesmen had no idea what they're selling. (;->) BTW, ceramic dog bone insulators are thankfully available thank goodness, but WAY too heavy to use as spacers, creepage in foul weather over plastic carbonizes a track and the insulator is no longer an insulator. Why those shitty things are sold I can't understand. BTW, Jeff K1NSS sent me a poster of Dash! The Dog Faced Ham and enclosed were two blue ceramic dog bone insulators. I ate them.
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