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Thread: Just Back from Xenia...

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    The value of the property went up about $100.

    "Missed it by this much, chief"
    You don't need a parachute to skydive. But you do need a parachute to skydive, twice.

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    A Tornado hit the Hara Arena and made $10000 worth of improvements.

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    Saw some pictures of the damage from a few Dutch amateurs that visited te area.... looks like a mess..
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    Last I checked, volcanoes and geysers were the only things which "erupt". I suppose the paper gets what it pays for in the way of "journalism".
    And pimples.
    The word plook typically refers to a spot or a pimple, and is thought to come from the Middle English ‘plouke’ or the German ‘plock’.
    THEY can be unsightly and unpleasant, and some people devote much of their time to getting rid of them, but the plook has recently taken on two different meanings.
    Plooking too hard on me-e-e-e-e
    Speak to me! Oh no
    The golden shower must have shorted out his master circuit!
    He's, he's, oh my God
    I must have plooked him, hey
    To death, hey
    This is the Central Scrutinizer!
    You have just destroyed one model
    XQJ-37 Nuclear Powered Pan-Sexual Roto-Plooker
    And you're gonna have to pay for it!

    There you have it, fortunately not in time for Joe to save his beloved assrena destroyed by the Roto-Plooker. And just think, it started years before...
    We take you now, to a garage, in Canoga Park...
    (It makes its own sauce...)

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