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Thread: Online chat support

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    Online chat support

    I ordered an item online from Amazon and, it was supposed to be delivered to the local Amazon Pickup point on a certain date; I received the notice that the item was ready for pickup so, I went to pick it up and, they could not find the item, they told me that they had to do inventory and would notify me tomorrow (and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps at this petty pace from day to day till the......). After 72 hours, I was tired of waiting.

    I understand that I am just one of millions of packages that they process but to me, it was of the utmost importance. I got in touch with them via chat since, you cannot contact them by landline.

    It was 20:43 Zulu 4/7/19 on my end, the call center was 8 time zones ahead of me, it was 04:43 zulu 4/8/19 on his end. Everything in red are shipment notifications from Amazon.

    04:43 PM PDT Kenneth(Amazon): Hello this is Kenneth your Amazon Product Support for today. I'll be happy to help you. Can I also get ​your phone number just in case our chat got disconnected?​​ ​​

    04:43 PM PDT *Me*: 5133XXXXX
    04:44 PM PDT Kenneth: Thank you and also Thank you for being a Prime Member.​

    How may I help?

    04:46 PM PDT *Me*: connect me with someone who can address the fact that my item was delivered to a Amazon Facility but was not there, I was told that it would be there Saturday, then Sunday, then by today still not delivered
    Order# 111-8488670-7789818

    04:47 PM PDT Kenneth: Thank you so much.​

    Than​k you for bringing this to our attention. I am sorry that you didn't receive your order but I'll be more than happy to see what I can do for you.​

    04:49 PM PDT Kenneth: Please allow me to check on that f​or you a minute or​ two would be a perfect to check my resources here for you.​

    04:50 PM PDT *Me*: ok
    04:52 PM PDT Kenneth: Thanks for waiting.
    04:53 PM PDT Kenneth: May I have your full address​?

    04:54 PM PDT *Me*: *My Home Address*
    04:56 PM PDT Kenneth: Thank you so much.​

    04:57 PM PDT Kenneth: Have you checked around your house?

    04:58 PM PDT *Me*: Item was shipped to Amazon Locker at 231 Calhoun Street, Cincinnati, Ohio

    04:58 PM PDT Kenneth: No, it is not.

    04:59 PM PDT *Me*: Shipped with Amazon
    Tracking ID: TBA996776005000
    Friday, April 5
    12:41 PM
    Cincinnati, US

    9:23 AM
    Out for delivery
    Fairfield, US
    Thursday, April 4
    1:12 PM
    A carrier delay has occurred
    Fairfield, US

    1:04 PM
    Out for delivery
    Fairfield, US
    9:50 AM
    Package arrived at a carrier facility
    Fairfield, US

    1:37 AM
    Package departed an Amazon facility
    Hebron, KENTUCKY US
    Wednesday, April 3

    9:23 AM
    Package arrived at an Amazon facility
    Hebron, KENTUCKY US
    Tuesday, April 2
    Package has shipped

    04:59 PM PDT Kenneth: You a wrong address that is why you did not receive it.

    05:00 PM PDT *Me*: give me a phone number to talk to a real person please

    05:00 PM PDT Kenneth: Can I talk to you?

    05:01 PM PDT *Me*: no

    05:01 PM PDT Kenneth: May I ask if you really want to know the real reason why this item has not been shipped to your locker?
    05:02 PM PDT Kenneth: CAn you give me the shipping address that this item should be delivered?

    05:03 PM PDT *Me*: Delivered Friday, April 5

    241 Calhoun Street

    Cincinnati, OH 45219-1340-41

    See all updates

    05:03 PM PDT Kenneth: Thank you so much.

    05:04 PM PDT *Me*: Was not there

    05:04 PM PDT Kenneth: Can I ask you one last question before we proceed to option?

    05:04 PM PDT *Me*: yes

    05:05 PM PDT Kenneth: Thank you. May I ask if you already asked a family member or a neighbor if they have received a package for you?

    05:07 PM PDT *Me*: Are you fucking stupid or what, the motherfucking thing was shipped to a aMAZON pICKUP POINT . eND THIDS GODDAMN CHAT AND SEND ME A COPY OF IT
    As you can see, that S.O.B pulled my "Pud" for 20 minutes before, I totally lost it!

    I called my CC company and explained the situation and they asked what could they do, dispute the charge or, contact the merchant; I chose the latter.

    It's amazing how, when the CC company starts talking about a "Chargeback", ears perk up! Amazon jetted my shyte overnight and, it was there (at the Amazon Pickup point) by 09:00 zulu 4/8/19 (17:00 4/8/19 call center time).


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    Wow. I've not had any bad issues with Amazon support. Sounds like you found someone who was scared to escalate or was poorly trained for customer support.

    I bought 2 15mm hard drive enclosures from Startech through Amazon. I had issues with both of them. I chatted with Amazon support and they went so far as to actually call Startech and patch the call to my cell! That impressed the hell out of me.

    Now dealing with StraightTalk cell service, THATS the polar

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    Q: What happens when UPS and FedEx merge?
    A: You get Fed Up! >bada BUM<

    A while back I had a bad experience with UPS, maybe they have improved since then, but the companies I deal with here of late ship FedEx or USPS. Hmmm. I shipped two boat anchors in perfect electrical and physical condition (I take especially good care of my stuff) that arrived crushed. I can't imagine how they managed it, Heathkit had exceptionally strong steel cases, but they did. To make matters worse UPS wouldn't honor the insurance, the poor fellow on the receiving end was SOL. Needless to say he was furious and threatened to sue me, at that point he had become unreasonable, so OK sue me. <click> I never heard from him after that, if he actually called a lawyer I'm sure he heard the words "frivolous, baseless and without merit". Hey, I,m not responsible, and good luck suing UPS.

    Sometimes ineptitude works in one's favor. a fellow ham bought a 2M/1.25M/70cM vertical from HRO in Newark, DE at that time run 100% by hams. With no sales tax and superb, quite knowledgeable customer service you couldn't ask for better. It was a telephone order so he had it shipped UPS, but two weeks later it hadn't arrived. HRO shipped another, no questions asked, in a few days he had it in his hot hammy hands. I helped him mount it to the vent pipe (just don't sit on the toilet during a thunderstorm) and to this day have no idea how Rufus his beagle laid the turd on the roof that I slipped in. Having saved the best for last, he found the first antenna in the bushes behind the house (looking for Rufus?) and gave it to me. That eliminated some clutter down on the farm. You know, where we plant antenna seeds and aluminium cuttings! <Durn city boys.>
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    Amazon uses their own fleet of drivers to deliver here now. I believe there is an Amazon building near here somewhere. Things get shipped there. Amazon uses their own delivery to send it to the door.
    Originally they used their own personal vehicles. Now Amazon has their own delivery vans, newer high roof vans of either Dodge or International brand with their Amazon logo on them.

    Advantage to the customer, when the package gets close, you can track the van it's on as it comes to your door.
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