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Thread: What is it?

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    What is it?

    I've had electrons in my blood ever since I stuck my finger in a radio to measure the B+, 250VDC as I recall. It has had a most interesting effect on my eyes, they're attracted to transmitting towers, big radios with lots of knobs to play with, etc. Here's a big radio with lots of knobs to play with, but they were all in the same positions throughout the film Morituri (1965) except when they were listening to a broadcast from Berlin. Supposedly it's of WW2 vintage aboard a freighter out of Tokyo with a load of rubber bound for Germany. Why British Intelligence would give a spy the code name "those about to die" I don't know any more than what this receiver is all out of focus in the background, or why the meters read upscale even when it was off. Maybe somebody borked the hell out of it and figured it could be used as a prop. (;->) Well gang, what is it?

    Morituri 1965 WW2 RX 1.jpg

    Morituri 1965 WW2 RX 2.jpg
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