My current multiband PSK rig is a TS-930S/AT. This was gotten for a reasonable price, considering it has both CW filters fitted. A little extra R&R was required to get it into tip-top shape, then in the lineup it went.

Sunday night saw me reading while laying on the ham shack/living room couch. (Yes, I live in a Man Cave.) Sunday night also bore the scent of Factory Smoke(TM) escaping from somewhere in the radio lineup. I quickly localized it to the '930, which was shut off then unplugged from mains power.

Next day I took the top cover and PS fan assembly off the rig, looking for areas of potential damage. I found nothing, but the AVR Board stunk a bit. Time for repair - or outright replacement.

When I bought the rig I'd studied this product:

Of course, I missed the Christmas discount and ended up paying full price for the kit...but given the fact the stock '930 PSU is a questionable design to begin with - and the PA brick transistors are Unobtanium at this point - it made sense to replace the works with something less prone to destroy the PA devices if it fails.

A quick check of the PA with the stock supply powering the radio showed no damage, but I'm not going to risk potential destruction by running with the stock PSU. Conversion details to follow when the kit arrives. Future upgrades to the rig look to be an Inrad roofing filter (w/ AM RX bypass when run in "Wide" mode) and maybe a Piexx CPU replacement.

I'm also beginning to get the hankering for another TS-940S/AT, as I really liked both the ones I had...except for the time-bomb PSUs. They share all the evils of the '930's setup. 'IOK also offers a conversion kit for those rigs. No affiliation, just a (hopefully) happy customer.