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Thread: Has contesting helped or hurt ham radio?

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    Quote Originally Posted by N2SR View Post
    actually, i have the book ...
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    "Radio sport, isn't that a fox hunt?
    That's how I read it. "
    YOIKS! After The Fox was a 1966 Peter Sellers movie:

    All kidding aside, the club that gave my VE test got me into fox hunting on 2M where I learned the tricks all but one I taught them. Using multi-path propagation to send the hounds off chasing a large wild bird, and sitting in a tall parking garage that REALLY outfoxed them, when they got close the fox was EVERYWHERE. Remembering how I laid the loop on its side and found music on CB coming from a Mosley tribander on a tower in a forest of CB antennas, the VXAmobile went to the top floor of the parking garage and caught the fox.That experience came in handy a few years later at another club with "Doppler radar" DF. I figured our repeater jammer was up in the mountains near the repeater with an HT throttled back to 1W. I was reminded of that trick, I remembered the story of The Laughing Policeman repeater jammer in the UK. That's as far as we got with it for the longest time, meanwhile Jim N2EIY and I baited him, another non member joined in and we really had him going... to no avail. Then the axe fell, we were sending logs and tapes to the FCC (pre Riley) via the club president, but something smelled fishy. The VP called the FCC Chief Council of the Enforcement Division, he wondered why we weren't sending what we promised... AHAAA!!! We had him dead to rights, we kept the whole thing start to finish under wraps, he knew it when he got the official warning letter, he slinked off with his tail between his legs and disappeared.

    He was a psychology professor at Rutgers, New Brunswick, NJ Campus, A few weeks later we learned what it was all about, one of his students told us it was an experiment in behavioral psychology! WTF???!!! Nobody could understand what was going on in his warped mind, like the famous Stanford prison experiment The PROPER way of doing it is with student volunteers who know what's going on and can directly benefit from it. YOU DO >>>NOT<<< SUBJECT A BUNCH OF UNKNOWING HAMS TO DR. FRANKENSTEIN MIND BLOWING EXPERIMENTS AND PLAY THEM LIKE THE VILLAGERS AND THEIR FAMILIES!!! Remember the torchlight parade at the end that trapped Dr. Frankenstein and his pet monster in the old windmill and set it afire? That's what we did with OUR Dr. Frankenstein, we burned his ass!
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