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Thread: Retrieve files from a no start computer

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    Well, I considered that. In fact, the Seagate rep put that out there with the caveat that if I screwed it up there would be a charge to restore it. Which makes no sense anyway because how its formatted now is useless to me. I guess I just needed to hear it from people I have more invested in than just some random tech support guy. So OK, I guess that's the next step. Reformatting here we go.... thanks for the nudge forward!

    Edit - OK, seems like I was successful reformatting that drive. Now I just have to find the magic formula to put this entire system on it as a backup/mirror/aw shit fall back position. Because it's really just a matter of time, considering my track record with computers in general.
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    "Shit man, not sure what exactly you're referring to, maybe you have me confused with someone else here because I clearly don't remember having that conversation with you."
    It's all in order on page 2.
    "Concerning your picture its kinda hard to pick out details like gauze in the intake, but thanks for the great idea."
    It's at the very bottom of the picture at the top of page 2, but for the sake of clarity here's a better picture of it. This is a picture of the inside of the front cover showing the screen holding it. If you can't read this the jinx is in for sure, trying to add that picture blew away my post... TWICE.

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