Hey all,
I've had this 706 llg since birth and it has always had an intermittent issue with the T/R relay (my guess) not completing the connection back to receive. Now that I have this GG amp it seems to do it quite regularly when I try to use the amp. As always, if I rapidly key/unkey the mic it will eventually let the receive audio back to the speaker. Which is a bitch when you're trying to copy your report in the contest.

Have any of you had a similar experience with your Ickum and what did you discover was the fix? I can't remember the relay number as I'm typing this but I looked it up at one point off of the schematic or the flow chart, can't remember which. It sure is a PITA and it does it more now even without the amp, which tells me it's going to crap out when I'm getting P5 or some other ATNO. Ideas, suggestions, help? I want to touch the brains I trust here before I go spending any money and/or damaging my rig. Me and golden screwdrivers have bad juju.

Thanks ahead of time, 73 Eric WZ7U