Our political forum is all but dead, having been poisoned by partisan name calling, disparaging comments, and one sided discussions.

I am as guilty as anyone, perhaps more so.

I suggest that we might keep the current political forum, but hide it from non-members, and possibly rename it to "The Cesspool". Seems appropriate.

To encourage civil discussion, I propose a new forum, with strict rules regarding name calling, bickering, and general shit slinging. The old political forum can be the receptacle for such garbage, so no need to complain about being stifled on your opinions.

Everyone being discussed would be referred to by their proper title. No more "Lying Dump Baby", "tRUMP", "Hildabeast", etc. In the new forum, posts containing such references would be deleted. Trolling would absolutely NOT be allowed. Enforcement would be very strict. I suggest that the staff could, as an alternative to deletion, edit a word here and there in an otherwise civil post.

The new political forum would be visible to everyone, including guests. The existing forum would remain available to all registered members.

We need to make some changes here, and I think that the current political forum turns many potential members off.

Please vote in this poll accordingly, and please do give your opinion on any of this.