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  • Create the new forum, but keep the existing forum visible to everyone.

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  • The nuclear option: Delete the political forum and rid us of politics altogether.

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  • Dance naked with a rubber hose and stuffed animal

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Thread: The political forum

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    No matter what I say or how eloquent the delivery thereof, I probably won't convince the other guy of my point of view...and vice versa. We can agree to (civilly) disagree but at the end of the day the best we'll likely achieve is parity.

    Which is why I spend my time playing with the tech side of the joint. I wouldn't want any of the Alpha Hotel (including the political forum) to go away, though restricting access is/was a good move. 'Not my cuppa tea' doesn't mean we shouldn't (or won't) serve yours...

    My contributions are merely spark plugs, meant to ignite creativity in our current (and potentially new) membership. I have many pieces of equipment in the Project Pile. Maybe some will get completed in my lifetime...maybe others will be sold as the result of an offer I cannot refuse then modified or restored by fellow hams. A few select pieces will be repaired, restored and passed on to prospective amateurs/SWLs in the hopes of perpetuating this hobby.

    One such example of the latter landed in the hands of a lady friend in the Columbus area, who - in addition to SWBC and Ute monitoring - is getting a kick listening to ...shenanigans... on 40 and 75M. Should she obtain a General license or above, a matching transmitter will be obtained, repaired and donated...and we might end up with another Islander to boot.
    "Everyone wants to be an AM Gangsta until it's time to start doing AM Gangsta shit."

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    "Any suggestions for a name for the new forum?"

    I believe if it ain't broke don't try to fix it and I'm not a cat, I don't bury my poop. Well, if you want to bury it so be it then, but for my money you'll be stifling me your neighborhood grumpy old bastid. This is a democracy unlike America's where our choices are made for us and we're left with what we think is the lesser of two evils, here the majority rules and that's Evel. If creativity is going to be stifled on the new forum I probably won't bother reading, but we'll see. If I'm going to be buried like a cat turd on the old forum I probably won't bother writing, but we'll see.

    In closing, it seems that the majority is pondering what the other guy may be thinking, just a bit of politically (sic) correct. The above opinion is entirely my own, written in my well known politically incorrect style, I am a minority. I'm the 8th Wonder Of The World too........ I've witnessed a few evolutions and am witnessing another, Shin Gogira lives!
    "New Jersey, the most American of all states. It has everything from wilderness to the Mafia. All the great things and all the worst, like Route 22."
    Jean Shepherd K2ORS (SK) & WOR radio personality

    Engaging a troll is like playing chess with a pigeon. The bird will just knock over the pieces, shit on the board, and fly away to declare victory to his friends.

    73 de Warren KB2VXA
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