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Thread: Denaturalization

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    I heard that and could not believe it. During my 20+ years of military service I worked with many immigrants (legal and otherwise) that joined the military as a pathway to citizenship.

    My thought was if they cared enough to put their life on the line, that was the kind of people we needed as citizens.
    That's my take on it. These people volunteered to get shot at on our behalf. Some of them were highly trained professionals who could step right into a hard to fill specialty in the military. Many of them came here legally on student visas, and enlisted before their visa ran out. Now they face deportation as a reward. This is not Bush's kinder, gentler America. This is Bullshit. Republicans can't tell the difference anymore.

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    Its the kinder, gentler machine gun hand
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    It's DElightful, It's DElicious, It's DeNaturalization!!


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